Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday with HOP Seniors

Hello 2014 Senior! You have such an exciting time ahead of you! Memories to be made, proms to attend, diplomas to receive, and most importantly...senior pictures to be made! That lovely portrait of you inside your school yearbook is there forever. So shouldn't we make sure it's the best looking photo that yearbook has ever seen?!

As a 2007 High School graduate, my experience of taking senior portraits consisted of sitting in tufted chairs and awkwardly posing against a tree or my favorite, casually laying across the hood of my vehicle...(because that's exactly what I did in my spare time!) My how times have changed!

Fabulous photographers like Heather Owens have revolutionized the game of the senior picture experience. It is literally an experience! With Heather, your day starts with a hair and make-up session by one of her uber talented, hand-picked stylist. HELLO!...How awesome is that?! Forget the stress of arguing with Mom about whether your hair should be straight or curly for your pictures...just sit back, relax and get pampered! After you're glammed up and looking gorgeous, it's time to assess the wardrobe! Heather assists you in picking out the outfits that will look the most flattering and translate best on camera. Then the real fun begins-photo shoot time! Heather is extremely hands-on and makes you feel so comfortable. Have you ever wondered how some people have that 'real laugh' look in their photos? Heather makes you actually laugh! No fake ha-ha's here, girls! And BONUS - during your session, the stylist stays on sets to assist in any hair or make-up changes that need to be made.

Now that you have decided HOP Seniors is the only way to go for your senior portrait session, you're next big decision is upon you...wardrobe! That's where I come in...  Over the next few weeks, I will be guiding you through the fashion portion of your senior picture session.


 One of my favorite fashion trends right now is lace...and lots of it! I'll take it in a dress, a blouse, pants or a skirt! It's safe to say that I'm in a love affair with lace! And what a perfect way for a bohemian beauty to show off her personal style! Try out a look with some lace for your portraits and you will not be disappointed!

HOP Seniors looking lovely in lace...

Mallory is looking phenomenal in her lace look. Loving that flower crown for an editorial touch!
Free People Lace Maxi Dress - SteamRoller Blues

Caitlyn's bright red lipstick offers an instant pop of color that is to die for!

Abbi's lace top is beautiful yet subtle, so not to take away from her striking features.

Abbi's lace shorts give an added texture to a simple but fabulous outfit.

How SteamRoller Blues does lace...

Make lace a little more fun in a color! Adrianna in our BB Dakota Lace Dress (photo by Heather Owens)

Hannah sporting a fun sunflower print top by Show Me Your MuMu with our Jen's Pirate Booty Lace Skirt.

Free People knows how to do lace! Loving this ivory dress with sheer detailing!
Hannah in the Spanish Lace Pant by Nightcap Clothing. One of my favorite ways to wear lace!

Fashion Friday with SteamRoller Blues...every Friday on the HOP Blog

Have a fabulous and fashionable Friday!

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